Suggested Agenda’s for Offseason and Monthly Basketball Meetings

Getting ready for off season basketball meeting’s and wondering what type of agenda you should put together? This Article, originally posted by Basketball Breakthrough, highlights the keys to getting the most out of your offseason schedule and meetings. 


Suggested Agenda’s for Offseason and Monthly Basketball Meetings

As a coach, you’ll find off season meetings to be extremely beneficial. It’s an opportunity to get problems out in the open and get all the coaches aligned. You’ll also find that regularly scheduled weekly and monthly meetings are invaluable. You’d be amazed by how much regular meetings will improve your program and communication. The meetings keep everyone on the same page, keep everyone accountable, solve problems, and help you run a better program.

The key is to have a good agenda, document “actions items” from the meetings, assign due dates, and hold everyone accountable.

You could even conduct daily coaching huddles (10 minutes max) to discuss priorities for the day, anything you’re stuck on, and relevant stats/metrics. This helps keep all coaches in sync and collectively working on the same goal.

In regards to an off season meeting agenda, here’s an agenda that works well for us:

  • Start with good news. Each coach shares some good news, both at coaching and personal level.
  • Review statistics and key metrics for the season and possibly past seasons.
  • Have each coach talk about… “What worked?” and “What didn’t work?”
  • Review goals for the program and core values. Each coach should provide stories of how the team accomplished goals and lived up to core values.
  • Discuss and set goals new goals for upcoming season.
  • Review and discuss a new master schedule.
  • Review the meeting schedule with your coaches. Did you have a meeting schedule? Can it be improved?
  • Brain storm top projects and problems that need solved. What or where are the recurring issues or concerns that the team is facing day in and day out? Use collective intelligence to solve ONE of the biggest issues. Get everyone’s input and drill into the issue.
  • Discuss what training tools and development would be beneficial for the coaches. What materials should coaches study and review during the off season?
  • Set priorities, tasks, and goals for each coach. Set deadlines and hold coaches accountable.
  • Review documentation. Do processes need documented?

This agenda is similar to what big businesses and corporations use in their meetings. It’s also similar to what’s taught in the Rockefeller Business Training program. These techniques work great for running a basketball program too!

During your meeting, be sure to document ALL the meeting notes, action items, and plans. Schedule the next meeting to review everyone’s progress and keep everyone moving in the same direction. You’ll find that these regular meetings make a tremendous impact on your program.

To your success!