Chad Smith

By July 20, 2018

Where to start. I was very thankful for MaxOne when I was hired as a head coach. I was hired from a different state and had to work and get the program going from out of state. I was unable to be at the first week of summer weight training. MaxOne gave me the opportunity to build a program for student-athletes to follow using videos to show each lift. This was a great tool for my coaches as well because they could see how each lift should be done. The ease of communication is another great feature of MaxOne. I am able to communicate to both parents and players together and separately. I love the feature of teaching coaches new drills as well by uploading videos from many sources. I can show my coaches any drill that I am discussing which helps them teach our student-athletes. These are just a few of the features we really enjoy. I could go on and on about others as well. I would highly recommend to any coach of any sport. I will be using this for our girls basketball team as well.

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