MaxOne Case Study

Chippewa Valley

High School Football

The Chippewa Valley High School (CVHS) “Big Reds,” a Detroit public high school known for their Football program, has historically ranked near the top in Division 1 in Michigan.

While going 8-1 and losing in the playoffs in 2017, Terry Wilson, Assistant Football Coach and Strength Coach, wanted to make a change to take them to the next level.

Coach Wilson introduced MaxOne into their Football program in spring of 2018 and the Big Reds capped off their 2018 season with an undefeated record and a state championship. Here’s how Coach Wilson says that MaxOne helped them reach the peak of greatness.

Awaken the Beast:

The Culture of the Weight Room

The way MaxOne helped us get to the state championship game, and ultimately win it, was by creating a culture of competition in the weight room, that we didn’t have before.

Terry WilsonDefensive Coordinator & Head Strength Coach

Champions love to compete, and great programs build a culture around competition in everything they do, not just on the field but off the field too.

Evolving the Weight Program

We only had a half-hour to get through our workout. Adding MaxOne increased our efficiency in the weight room by 25%, which in turn allowed me to add additional exercises within each workout because we didn't have time to get through them in the past.

Terry WilsonDefensive Coordinator & Head Strength Coach

Like many programs, Chippewa used traditional tools like laminated printouts that each athlete would cross-reference against resources on the training room walls. While this solution accomplished the task at hand, costs for lost or damaged materials took needed resources away from areas where football programs could use them most, like new equipment.

Once CVHS switched over to MaxOne the change was apparent the first day -athletes couldn’t lose printouts and completed their workouts in 8-10 minutes less time (25% time savings), meaning students could get their school work completed sooner or get to work studying playbooks. MaxOne resulted in cost and time-savings wins that not even coach Wilson expected.

Speak the Champion’s Language

We now have one central view of our athletes and parents, that keeps everyone on the same page. We were able to keep our athletes physically fit, injury free, and kept our conditioning at a high level the entire season.

Terry WilsonDefensive Coordinator & Head Strength Coach

The Chippewa Valley Football Team leverages the MaxOne training platform to tie every aspect of conditioning to tracking all-in-one spot. Team communications, organizational features such as calendars, and training videos are all encompassed within the all-in-one training tool.

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