Basketball Coaches, join the CHALLENGE and have your best season yet. You'll get access to ALL of these great coaching resources:

When you take the "Journey to Tip-off" challenge, you'll receive valuable resources via email every week for several weeks. So, what's the CHALLENGE you ask? Well, implementing these into your program is the hard part and we can't track your progress, so we'll have to trust you on that one. Here's what you'll get:

Day #1: Tips + Plans for Tryouts
Day #2: A Complete Guide for Building a K-12 Program (PDF Download)
Day #6: A Pre-Season Conditioning Plan (PDF Download)
Day #12: In-Season Strength Program (PDF Download)
Day #15: Topics to Cover your Coaches Meetings (PDF Download)
Day #19: In-Season Ball Handling Program (PDF Download + Training Videos)
Day #21: How to Navigate the Daunted Parent Meeting (PDF Download)

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