MaxOne is an all in one coaching app that empowers smart coaches to train better, communicate
better, and coach better. This app was built by coaches for coaches to ensure the best results.



Basketball Skill Development

Deliver custom skill workouts for ball handling, finishing moves or shooting right to your athletes' phones. Athletes get all of their workouts sent straight to their phones where they can watch a video of each drill and then record the results of those workouts. Keeping track of these results allows athletes and coaches to track improvements and recommend new workouts.

Elite Strength Training

Upgrade your strength program to the elite level. Jon Sanderson (University of Michigan Basketball Strength Coach) custom built MaxOne's basketball strength program. Deliver the workouts right to your athletes' phones where they will learn how to execute the workout and record their results in real time. All of our strength programs are fully customizable so each athlete gets better results in less time.


Track, Measure, and Compete

Our live leaderboards help to instill a sense of competition amongst teammates and push athletes to get better. Drill histories allow athletes to monitor their performance and improvement over time.



Text and Email

Reach everyone involved with the team at the touch of a button with MaxOne's text and email functions. Notifying the entire team of any changes and updates has never been easier.


Take the guesswork out of scheduling by using MaxOne's calendar to share workouts, games, practices, and events with parents, coaches, and athletes. You can even sync MaxOne with your own calendar so that you can easily combine all of your basketball events with the rest of your life.




Coach Your Coaches

Coaches can share ideas and make sure they are all on the same page in MaxOne's virtual meeting place. Sharing basketball playbooks, drills, workouts, motivational materials, and practice plans helps to develop a level of consistency throughout the coaching staff from the top down.

Manage Basketball Camp Registration

MaxOne allows you to invite athletes, track registration details, and collect payments for camp all in one place. Streamlining the registration process can shave off hours of dealing with paperwork and tracking payments.


Hey Coach,
Have Your Best Season Yet!

When you take the "Journey to Tip-off" challenge, you'll receive valuable resources via email every week for several weeks. So, what's the CHALLENGE you ask? Well, implementing these into your program is the hard part and we can't track your progress, so we'll have to trust you on that one. Here's what you'll get:

  • Day #1: A Pre-Season Conditioning Plan (PDF)
  • Day #4: A Complete Guide for Building a K-12 Program (PDF)
  • Day #7: In-Season Strength Program (PDF)
  • Day #11: Topics to Cover your Coaches Meetings (PDF)
  • Day #15: In-Season Ball Handling Program (PDF + Videos)
  • Day #17: Team Building Exercises + Planning
  • Day 21#: How to Navigate the Daunted Parent Meeting (PDF)