Passing and Receiving Training Session

soccer drills movement off the ball

The following session from Wayne Evans was originally posted by the National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada on their website at NSCAC.ca.

Learning Objectives:

  • Quality of Passing/Receiving Skills
  • Awareness/Decision Making
  • Movement

Technical / Tactical: Technique on Demand, Ball Mastery & Manipulation, Game Intelligence/Understanding

Physical: ABC’s, Acceleration, Deceleration, Change of Direction, Contact

Psychological: Awareness, Confidence, Concentration, Composure, Decision Making

Social: Demo Independence, Are Good Learners, Leadership, Recognize Importance of Teammates

Session Principles:

  • Keeping the Ball
  • Game Intelligence/Understanding
  • Technique on Demand
  • Movements Off the Ball
  • Awareness of Surroundings
  • Decision Making In & Out of Possession

Position Specific:

  • Understanding Specific Positional Play
  • In & Out of Possession Roles & Responsibilities
  • Game Understanding (Shape – Attacking/Defending Principles)

 Passing Gates

  • Playing 1 or 2 Touch
  • Alternate Feet
  • Middle/Outside
  • Middle/Outside Bottom of foot

Area: Gates 2 yds apart / Players 2 yds away

Time: 30 secs – Count passes through gate

passing gates

 Diamond Drill

  • Passing/Receiving
  • Movement off Mannequin
  • Awareness
  • 1st touch where?
  • Follow Pass

Area: 16x8yds

Time: 10mins

diamond passing drill soccer

4v4 Directional Possession

  • Create Width/Depth
  • Angles of Support
  • Movement Off the Ball

Area: 30x15yds

Time: 2x8mins

S.S.G Diamond Shape

  • Aware of Surroundings
  • Decision Making
  • Movement Off the Ball

Area: 36x24yds

Time: 2x8mins

Wayne Evans is a UEFA “A” Licensed coach who also holds the FA Academy Managers’ License & the Advanced Youth Award. He also has the experience of working through the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP/Doublepass) set out by The FA & English Premiership & now MLS.

During his rewarding coaching career, he has helped develop many players that have progressed to professional soccer careers, represented their countries at youth level, & have also joined US & Canadian universities on soccer scholarships.

Having been a Coach educator with three Provincial Associations, he is now specializing in Coach Education & Club Curriculums through his business, WE Soccer.