On-Demand training for every athlete

SmartCoach turns your smartphone into an on-demand basketball shooting coach, giving you access to the minds of the worlds best trainers. Using your phone’s camera, evaluate your shot and get real-time coaching insights and instruction. All you need is a ball, a hoop and a smartphone – and the drive and determination to be the best.


Record your shot

Setup your mobile device, and record yourself taking a shot.

Learn from data

The SmartCoach uses artificial intelligence to assess your mechanics.

Improve your game

Machine learning determines and recommends the perfect training plan.


AI-Driven Analysis

The M1 SmartCoach is driven by our proprietary artificial intelligence platform that has been trained by decades of basketball shooting experience layered on top of data from thousands of shots. 

The automated process studies video of your shooting mechanics, learns how you play, and provides custom coaching tips to help improve your game now.


Expert Level Training

The M1 SmartCoach turns your phone into the brains of the most elite shooting coaches in the game.

In-app coaches include NBA shooting coach Mike Malat and Collin Castellaw of the Shot Mechanics. You’ll also have access to world-class training organizations like Point Guard College and BluePrint Athletes in the palm of your hand.


SmartCoach FAQ’S

What exactly is the M1 SmartCoach App?

M1 SmartCoach is the first on-demand digital trainer, that combines personal data and proven training concepts empowering athletes to get better.

What device(s) does M1 SmartCoach App work with?

The M1 SmartCoach App is compatible for both Android and IOS devices.

How does the M1 SmartCoach App help me get better?

The M1 SmartCoach artificial intelligence system has been trained by decades of shooting expertise and layered over the data from thousands of shots.  This automated process turns your phone into the brain of the most elite shooting coaches in the game.  But, most importantly, the SmartCoach uses your data to give you individualized coaching.

How accurate is the M1 SmartCoach?

Based on real world comparison and backed by data, the M1 SmartCoach system is very accurate when assessing your mechanics.

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