Coaches Clinic

By March 8, 2017

Who is Coaches Clinic?

Founded in 2012 by Coach Rob Rhodes who faced with a long football off-season and became tired of the lack of quality clinic material for Youth Football Coaches.  In 2013 Coaches-Clinic.com was launched with a primary focus on Youth Football when Coach Rob conducted the first clinic – Flipping with the Unbalanced Single Wing.

Since that time Coaches-Clinic.com has hosted 70+ clinics covering multiple offensive and defensive systems, as well as sessions focused on position play and improving practice and game day management.  Recently Coaches-Clinic.com has expanded into other sports and plans to become a leading resource of online coaching content.


Why the MaxOne Partnership?

MaxOne desires to offer the best content to our coaches and we’ve found that content by coaches is the best out there.  We believe in the Coaches-Clinic.com mission and are pleased to offer over 6 video packages for purchase in the MaxOne MarketPlace.


Sample:  RPO Offense Chapter 1




Additional Packages from Coaches-Clinic.com

Air Raid Offense

Run Pass Option in the Spread Offense (9 video series)
QB Runs and Run Pass Option – (10 video series)
Installing Tempos and Run Pass Option – (9 video series and 2 pdfs)
Review of the Baylor Offense – (26 video series)
Character Content – (21 pieces of content)