Who is ProStride Hitting?

Jay Ward’s ProStride Hitting Process was designed and perfected over the last 40 years of his baseball coaching career. It is possibly now the most utilized hitting system by MLB players, coaches and their respective professional organizations.  During his career Jay Ward worked with and coached some of the most well known hitters of the modern age.  Players like Wade Boggs, Dave Winfield, Don Mattingly, Chipper Jones, Larry Walker, Moises Alou, Andruw Jones, Javier Lopez, Ryan Klesko, Ricky Henderson, Orlando Merced (just to name a few) and their organizations entrusted Jay to further develop and help maintain these players’ swings as well as their mental approach at the plate.


The ProStride Hitting Process emphasizes the development of Power, Timing & Balance which are all created with the use of simple to understand and easily performed drills.  These ProStride drills allow a hitter to gain a feel and build the athletic movements necessary to consistently execute the proper quality swing that is repeatable during game conditions.  In addition to these drills Ward also breaks down the mechanics of the swing, use of the legs and proper body positioning that will allow the hitter and coach to gain a complete understanding of a ProStride swing.  Jay takes a very common sense approach that makes it easy to understand, follow and teach at all levels.



Role on the MaxOne Team:

MaxOne partners with the best of the best and ProStride is simply the best hitting instruction you will find.  ProStride developed an exclusive hitting package that is guaranteed to build a consistent swing that is well understood by athlete and coach.



Offerings in the MaxOne MarketPlace:

Introduction to ProStride Training (1st of 16 video package)