3 Major Football Spring Ball Expectations

Coach Preparing his team for Spring Football Practice

Coach Preparing his team for Spring Football Practice

This article was written by Paul Swanson Jr, from Z-Winning Mindset, an organization that was built to help teams and individuals reach their full potential in sports, school, and life. In this article, Coach Swanson breaks down three expectations for your football team entering Spring Ball. 

3 Major Football Spring Ball Expectations

Attitude: Coaches and players both understand the importance of a positive attitude in sport. But attitude can be the difference in a constructive practice and a wasted practice. From the starting 1’s all the way down to the scout team special teams group, each player and coach must be willing to learn and grow every day.

The moment a player or coach’s attitude becomes complacent is when a team’s improvement begins to subside. A positive attitude during a meeting, single drill, conditioning or a game- can make continual learning and overcoming adversity acceptable and even NECESSARY.

Effort: Relentless effort is what separates a good player from a GREAT player. Effort plays are often measured by top tier programs and organizations and they certainly add value to a player’s attributes. High effort players, often referred to as “HIGH-MOTOR” players can change the entire momentum of a practice or game.

They set the tone both in games and practice. A “high-motor” coach can also change the landscape of a team’s culture as well. Focusing on effort before and during competition is crucial to our mindset as coaches and athletes. Applying it every day is critical.

Aggressiveness: Football is a sport of controlled aggression. Short bursts of violence and energy that must be methodical and calculated. Mentally preparing for these encounters will separate the play-MAKERS from the average players.

Unfortunately, football has been geared towards plain, old, AGGRESSION that sometimes can be used without motive or direction. Having tools that mentally steer our mind and effort each practice, each game, and every play can have an incredible impact on the overall success of a team.

These 3 spring-ball expectations all have one thing in common… Controllable. Attitude, effort, and aggressiveness are all under our own control. To be great, we must capitalize on what we can control mentally.

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