Parent Impact — How Your Role As A Parent Changes The Game

Soccer parent with athlete soccer game

Pitch Perfect Parents There are four roles that your organization will see on game day: Athlete Coach Referee Parent Unfortunately, parents, you’re too old to be an athlete on this team, so #1 is out. As for #2, the club has already decided on someone to do that job. The league assigns referees for our […]

In the Wake of The Wearable Market Exploding, Users Are Looking For More

Whoop’s $200 Million Raise Forecasts What’s Next for Wearable Users (And Companies) In the Wake of The Wearable Market Exploding, User Are Looking For More On August 30, 2021, WHOOP, the wearable device company known for their popular health-tracking wrist strap, announced a 200 million dollar equity raise, on a 3.6 billion dollar valuation. If […]