How to Create a Sustainable Youth Sports Volunteer Program

Good volunteer program design decreases administrative costs, engages club members, increases program support, shares the workload, and improves support for coaches so they can devote more time to players. Volunteers are not free. The average value of a volunteer hour in the United States in 2020 was $28.54. This figure — which is also available […]

Outstanding Off-Field Teams – The Secret of Successful Youth Sports Clubs and Leagues

This article was written by Ruth Nicholson. Ruth is an internationally certified professional facilitator, mediator, and organizational alchemist helping sports organizations better support players and coaches. She is the founder of GO! offering proven governance, leadership, and administrative tools.  In 2020, Ruth was inducted into the International Association of Facilitators Hall of Fame. She was a co-creator of […]

MaxOne and PlayyOn Agree Upon a Multi-Year Partnership Agreement

MaxOne to build and launch a fully branded version of the MaxOne Virtual Coaching Platform (VCP) and mobile app named PlayyOn Train, available in GooglePlay and the App Store. MaxOne on March 1, 2021 MaxOne, the youth sports industry’s most powerful Virtual Coaching Platform (‘VCP’) for coach’s delivery of on-demand and live remote training, announced […]

What’s New? March Product Release Notes 2021

New Releases Athlete Feedback Questionnaire We know how important it is to receive results from athlete participation in workouts. More than just results, it is important to know how your athletes are doing on a psychological level. This is why we have introduced the ability to ask your athletes questions within MaxOne workouts. Whether you […]

How to Keep Families Cheering for Your Youth Sports Club or League

9 Simple Steps to Help Keep Families Cheering for Your Youth Sports Club Are you running a competitive program? You used to be the only person in town, now parents have a variety of choices. How do you as a club admin recruit new players? Here are the 9 ways to continue to grow your […]

MaxOne Forms Partnership With ACES Nation To Enhance Digital Training Curriculum

MaxOne on March 23, 2021 ACES Nation, a team of former college and professional athletes that develops high-level individual and team-based training curriculum has partnered with MaxOne to enhance their virtual offering with the implementation of a custom branded ACES Nation all-in-one team management and athlete development platform.  The ACES Nation team recognizes and understands […]

3 Reasons Zoom is NOT sufficient for Virtual Sports Coaching in 2021

How Zoom is Being Used in Virtual Coaching There is no question that COVID-19 has accelerated certain trends in youth sports. For years early adopters have been utilizing innovative Virtual Coaching tools and platforms to supplement in-person practice and play.  Now, more so than ever before accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Virtual Coaching is quickly […]

What’s New? February Product Release Notes 2021

MaxOne on February 3, 2021 MaxOne has rolled out a few new changes within the platform that we are eager to announce. We have made some advancements to the video playback feature, and we’re introducing two new exciting features set to launch in the upcoming month. Stay tuned to learn more about the product enhancements […]