Parent Impact — How Your Role As A Parent Changes The Game

Soccer parent with athlete soccer game

Pitch Perfect Parents There are four roles that your organization will see on game day: Athlete Coach Referee Parent Unfortunately, parents, you’re too old to be an athlete on this team, so #1 is out. As for #2, the club has already decided on someone to do that job. The league assigns referees for our […]

3 Ways to Successfully Resolve Conflict Within Your Youth Sports Organization

Conflict Resolution: Positions, Interests, and Solutions   Few of us enjoy conflict. However, there are ways to resolve it in less painful ways. Each of the five levels of conflict intensity can be described in terms of its goals, tactics, language, and options for resolution. The five levels reflect the underlying objectives of the parties […]

Terrific Tournaments – Staffing, Customer Success Stars, and Superheroes

Are you dreading your club’s annual request for volunteers to staff its summer tournament? Years ago, I took on the task of redesigning the volunteer program to staff an international youth soccer tournament for about 200 teams. The work included recruiting volunteers and managing the staff on-site during the event. Fortunately for me, the focus […]

Separation for Success – Balancing Coaching, Club Leadership & Parenting

Consider how your organization addresses the key roles adults play in the experience of your athletes. It is common for adults to play multiple roles as coaches, board members, and parents of your athletes. When we mix roles or play out of position, we create conflict that can adversely affect our players. Once upon a […]

Managing Expectations Around Playing Time — The Two Most Important Questions to Ask

One of the most dreaded conversations between athletes, coaches, and parents revolves around playing time. Nobody likes it. In my workshops on conflict resolution for coaches and directors of coaching, I ask them to identify the most common types of difficult conversations and conflict they encounter. Consistently across the country, the number one answer is […]

Tryout Questions Coaches Should be Prepared to Answer This Season

Spend Time Preparing For Questions When my sons were playing soccer, I hated tryout season. More than tax season. More than any other time of the year. I detested the stress and insanity around it all. Clubs would vie for players by scheduling multiple tryouts in a day and over a weekend resulting in players […]

(Webinar) 3 New Ways to Use Video Training Content with Your Athletes

3 New Ways to Use Video Training Content Join MaxOne, the sector’s leading Virtual Coaching Platform (‘VCP’) provider, alongside SportsEngine Inc. at their on-demand webinar hosted by Todd Grant, Chief Revenue Officer at MaxOne. Todd will share 3 exciting and innovative new ways forward-thinking coaches are harnessing the power of video training content and digital curriculum […]