Summer School for Coaches?


The beauty and brilliance of football is that is always changing. These changes come from the desire to innovate and out of a desire to win more games.  The sport of football is insanely complex when we look at the number of movements not only with the ball, but also away from the ball.

Timing, execution, and adjustments are necessary characteristics of teams who excel and succeed in the greatest sport ever designed.

Popularity of the RPO

Half of all programs are running the Run Pass Option in high schools across America.  This is a highly complex offense with a great amount of trust and confidence placed in the quarterback at the helm of the operations on field.


MaxOne decided to test the demand for better education, knowledge and study of this dynamic offense by teaming up with X&O Labs – a Football Research Company. Together they administered a Coaches Summer School and the response was FANTASTIC.


“I want to share all this content with my staff so I filled up 2 whole notebooks taking down all the play diagrams and good verbiage to show my staff.”

-Ron Norman – Offensive Coordinator


How Summer School Worked

This RPO SUMMER SCHOOL delivered 2 RPO reports each day for five days to dedicated football coaches around the country.  Every day, more and more coaches signed up and devoured the reports, they could not get enough.


By week’s end over 1,000 coaches had ripped through 10 RPO reports broken down segment by segment.  Usage rates were nearly shutting down the MaxOne servers.

Strategies and concepts covered:

  • The best drills to simulate RPO reads
  • How to train your QB’s eyes
  • Develop your QB’s rhythm and delivery
  • Designing RPO off box count
  • RPO Organization and implementation
  • Training OL in RPOs
  • Using RPOs to beat man coverage


At the end of the course MaxOne delivered the best 13 drills to train QB’s in the RPO. Coaches immediately began sharing these drills with their fellow coaches and, more importantly, with their QB’s.

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With over 1,000 coaches participating – it’s proof that there are masses of coaches all over the country scheming on the RPO this summer.


“This is where Football is headed, is less classroom learning film time and film review and more assignment based learning for game film with athletes accessing it on their own.”

                                    -Jason Fuller, Head Coach


To meet this demand MaxOne is offering the FREE TRIAL that includes the 10 RPO reports and 13 QB drills.


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