M1 Marketplace Launch and Summer – Best Practices

This past month we held our first ever MaxOne webinar. We were really pumped about the engagement with our MaxOne coaches during this webinar. In this webinar we wanted to highlight some of the upgrades we’ve been working hard on this summer for our coaches.

Some of the topics covered: 

  • The Launch Of Our New M1 Marketplace – allowing coaches to download content directly to their MaxOne account, and deliver directly to their athletes and coaches.
  • Our Upgraded Leaderboard  allowing for best result and now cumulative leaderboard types for tracking activities like shot counter or miles ran, etc.
  • Summer – Best Practices  for streamlining admin and organization and further engaging athletes throughout the summer.

We wanted the share this webinar for those of you that didn’t get a chance to attend. We look forward to hosting more webinars, to give our coaches as much value as possible.