MaxOne Raises $3.5 Million Equity Round from Stadia Ventures, Chris Paul to Lead Digital Transformation in Youth Sports and Usher in a New Era of Coaching

Ushering in a new era of coaching and training, MaxOne’s technology and innovations are supplementing and enhancing in-person coaching, making it easier for coaches to interact and engage with athletes as they build champions on and off the field.


MaxOne on August 4, 2021

The Grand Rapids, Michigan-based company raised a $3.5M Series A round of financing from leading SportsTech investors to bring digital training to every athlete of every sport anywhere.

The round was led by Stadia Ventures and included Chris Paul, the Piquet Family Office, a minority owner of the Texas Rangers, and Wakestream Ventures. These funds see an opportunity to provide 40 million youth athletes on-demand access to the latest training programs. 

Today’s athletes spend 6 hours a day with their eyes on their phones and have come to expect on-demand access to coaching and training, according to Jason Mejeur, founder and CEO of MaxOne. Mejeur, who is a former college and high school basketball coach, saw the opportunity to help coaches and trainers show up on their athletes’ phones to inspire them to pick up a ball more often, to educate them, and to become part of their daily lives.

“The opportunity to democratize training in youth sports is a passion for our team. We want to give every kid access to elite training programs regardless of zip code or income bracket,” says Mejeur.  

Before Covid-19, digital coaching was still considered a niche market mostly consisting of early adopters, but much like digital tools such as Zoom, MaxOne was thrust into the mass markets and now has become synonymous with the acronym ‘DCP’ (Digital Coaching Platform).

“As we ran CP3 Academy through the pandemic, we were running 5-6 different tools to stay in touch with our athletes and help them train from home,” says CJ Paul, Director of CP3 Academy and Manager CP3 Investment Group. “When we saw MaxOne we were floored with how comprehensive the platform was and knew that not only did we need it but that 1000’s of other organizations will need it as they transform into the new normal of hybrid training – both in-person and at home in combination.”

Not only is M1 providing a platform for the masses, but they are also innovating quickly. “We believe that the smartphone is a powerful tool to aggregate and display an individual athlete’s data and provide the ‘so-what’ coaching recommendations. Our robust content library, partnerships with leading sensor and motion capture companies, and simple to use the content delivery platform are making MaxOne the center of gravity for data aggregation and training in youth sports.”

 Amidst their rise in 2020, they signed partnerships with NBC Sports Company, Sports Engine, CoachUp, and Upward Sports. More recently they have added Aces Nation, Basketball Training Systems, DNA Soccer Labs, Basketball Ireland, Jr. Reign Hockey, and Own It Coaching.

The company started with a handful of high school basketball customers in 2016 and now serves over 700,000 coaches, athletes, and parents worldwide in 26 different sports. Recently they have built partnerships with Uplift.ai and Zoom to incorporate live training sessions into their platform. Meanwhile, Mejeur intends to use the new funds for growth, adding more team members in sales, marketing, and product development. He points to the next 6-12 months as the window for securing the business’ leadership position in the Digital Coaching space. The key has always been to drive change and to help every coach anywhere fulfill their mission of improving the lives of young adults through sport and inspiring young adults to become Champions for Life.

About MaxOne

MaxOne’s Digital Coaching Platform (‘DCP’) empowers athletes, coaches, club administrators, and parents with a digital solution to train, connect, and grow together, anywhere. Supplementing and enhancing in-person coaching, MaxOne’s DCP features cutting-edge training tools creating the most sophisticated and engaging on-demand digital training experience available. Programs are using the MaxOne DCP to be relevant in the daily lives of athletes 24 x 7 ensuring that the efforts to coach and mentor not only lead to performance improvement on the field of play but build towards inspiring young adults to be Champions for Life.


Grand Rapids, MI

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