MaxOne on March 26, 2021

The MaxOne team has been busy in the early parts of 2021. We have three exciting new features launched into MaxOne’s virtual coaching platform and even more exciting updates coming soon. Learn more about the new features; Athlete Feedback, Goal Setting, and Live Training Integrations with Zoom and Uplift, below!

New Releases

Athlete Feedback Questionnaire

We know how important it is to receive results from athlete participation in workouts. More than just results, it is important to know how your athletes are doing on a psychological level. This is why we have introduced the ability to ask your athletes questions within MaxOne workouts. Whether you want to know their daily eating habits or the difficulty of the exercises for each athlete, you now have the ability to receive that feedback in real-time through MaxOne’s Athlete Questionnaire Feature. 

It has been set up where you have the option to create your own questions to make it more personal for your athletes. This feature is found under Training Libraries within the Questions library. By creating your own question in this library, you will have the opportunity to add these questions to new or existing workouts by clicking “Add a question block” while building a workout.

 At any time you will be able to pull a report to see how your athletes have answered the questions that were assigned to their workouts found inside the questions library. This will give you a line of sight into how your athletes are doing on a more personal level. Learn more about this process on MaxOne’s Help and Support page, here.

Goal Setting

Improving athlete performance is of the utmost importance. For there to be improvement, there needs to be accountability. You already know about MaxOne leaderboards which can be used to encourage competition within the team. However, competition alone does not set clear expectations for the athletes. That is why we have created the option to set goals for each athlete based on the specific drills you’re assigning them through the MaxOne app. 

This feature allows you to set goals for each of your athletes individually and gives you a line of sight into the progress that your athletes are making for each activity as they work toward their own goals. 

To set goals for your athletes, simply select an activity under the Training Libraries and click the ‘target’ icon to set goals for that activity. This is a great tool to give athletes something to work towards and for coaches to measure their progress. Results for each athlete can be found under the Athletes tab when you click on the individual athlete. For a more detailed description of this process, find a step-by-step guide in MaxOne’s help and support page by clicking here.

Live Training Integrated with MaxOne

Live Training with Zoom

Live Training has arrived! You saw the update last month that live training was coming, well here it is! You are now able to set and schedule Zoom training events right from the MaxOne web app. The MaxOne zoom integration can be found under a new tab on the left-hand navigation bar labeled “Live Training”. The zoom integration comes at no additional cost for MaxOne users as long as you have a preexisting Zoom account. Just navigate to the “Live Training” tab and select “Get Started”. Follow the prompts to link your MaxOne and Zoom accounts with ease.

Once your Zoom account is linked, you can assign live zoom sessions from the MaxOne calendar, or can send over live virtual training via the assignment calendar. Athletes can open and enter Zoom meetings directly from the MaxOne calendar inside their mobile devices. 

Live Training with Uplift

While we are excited about being able to use Zoom straight from the app, we are also eager to bring our customers the option of using Uplift’s robust virtual coaching platform. Uplift is an incredible tool that is perfect for one-on-one or small group coaching. With the ability to live replay and annotate on the screen for the athletes to see, it provides an incredible coaching experience for both the athlete and the coach. Although Zoom is great, it wasn’t built for coaching. The Uplift live training option is made for coaches to use during virtual training. If interested in adding Uplift to your MaxOne account, you can click “I’m Interested” found under the Live Training drop down in the web app to talk with a MaxOne representative. Learn more about Uplift, here.

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Otherwise, wait to hear from us next month with more improvements to the MaxOne platform! In the meantime, with all the excitement of MaxOne’s new features, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with a MaxOne Support Representative if you have any questions on implementing these features into your MaxOne account: Schedule a call with a MaxOne Support Representative