KickID and MaxOne Partner on Launch of New KickID Academy

MaxOne on August, 24 2020

KickID and MaxOne

KickID, maker of the leading digital performance evaluation tool for youth soccer players has partnered with Virtual Coaching Platform (‘VCP’) provider MaxOne on the recent launch of their KickID Academy. MaxOne’s industry-leading white-labeled capabilities have allowed KickID to provide comprehensive virtual training solutions in their fully remote Academy program with their own branded app. The KickID suite of products is fully available in Europe and is preparing for its launch in the US in the Fall of 2020. 

While KickID’s flagship app was built to help individual soccer players comprehensively rate their skill with a single score, the partnership with MaxOne extends their value beyond player performance assessment and benchmarking. “MaxOne’s white-labeled integration was a clear choice for adding the broadest possible virtual training capabilities to KickID Academy,” said Hischam Telib, CEO of KickID. Coaches and players can now connect remotely to build training, workout, and skill development regimens that target specific areas of improvement identified through the existing Kick ID assessment tool. “This partnership allows us to support the full spectrum of player development by accurately tracking progress over time,” said Telib. 

Jason Mejeur, CEO of MaxOne, noted that creating successful virtual sports programs goes beyond great training resources. “For us, it’s about fostering community, accountability, and growth for teams by making long-distance interactions as meaningful and impactful as possible. We’ve built in-app messaging, leaderboards, and other communication tools to help players and coaches stay connected from anywhere.” 

For MaxOne, partnership with KickID provides exposure to new markets internationally and specifically within the sport of soccer, which remains the most popular sport worldwide. KickID has grown quickly since it was founded in 2016, with over 100,000 players having used the data-based assessment tool. This growth is anticipated to continue as industry research shows significantly increased adoption of virtual coaching and training tools among youth sports program organizers. 

To Learn More about KickID please visit:  //kickid.com/

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About KickID

KickID is a Berlin-based company that provides technology to help amateur soccer players evaluate and improve their skills with a single proprietary score. The KickID player rating system is unique in the sports technology market and aims to revolutionize how talent is graded, identified, and developed internationally. With a dynamic and innovative team consisting of sports scientists, coaches, and data analysts, KickID is dedicated to leaving it all out on the pitch, and on the field. 

About MaxOne

MaxOne’s Virtual Coaching Platform (‘VCP’) empowers organizations, trainers, coaches, and athletes with a digital solution to train, connect, and grow together, anywhere. With an increasing list of demands, directors and coaches need to be smarter in the development of their training programs and in the use of their time and resources. MaxOne’s VCP features cutting edge training tools and provides a single hub for all communication, scheduling, coaching, and collaboration. MaxOne is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, and they are proud to comprise a primarily remote team around the globe.



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