CoachUp Turning 15,000+ Private Coaches Digital Through Partnership with MaxOne

MaxOne on August, 31 2020

CoachUp and MaxOne

CoachUp, a web-based service that connects athletes with private coaches, has partnered with Virtual Coaching Platform (‘VCP’) provider MaxOne to launch the CoachUp 24-7 app. The new app features a white-labeled integration with MaxOne’s VCP, allowing CoachUp to provide significantly expanded virtual coaching capabilities and a streamlined business model to their user base of over 15,000 private coaches nationwide. Since its soft launch in July, the 5-star rated app is already being used by hundreds of coaches and significant growth is expected as fall sports programs begin.  

With support from prominent sports figures like Stephen Curry and industry giants like SportsEngine, TeamSnap, and UnderArmour, CoachUp has become the preferred service for athletes to find private coaches based on their location and criteria like price, training type, reviews, and sport category, including basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and soccer. 

By working with MaxOne, CoachUp is seeking to counteract disruptions to in-person training by offering significantly improved technology and industry-leading virtual training tools for coaches. “We’re thrilled to be working with a leading company like CoachUp that is changing the way coaching is done,” said MaxOne CEO Jason Mejuer. 

Through the CoachUp 24/7 app, coaches can set their pricing, invite athletes, build customized training programs, and provide feedback while monitoring progress and staying connected from anywhere. Mejeur described the enhanced subscription capabilities in the CoachUp 24/7 app as a “business-in-a-box solution for private coaches that gives them more control over the growth and management of their businesses.”

CoachUp COO, Alex Stone commented, “it would be far too costly and time-consuming for our coaches to build their own apps. Partnering with MaxOne gives us another offering for our coaching and training partners by equipping them with cutting edge tools to build their businesses and strengthen relationships with clients.”

This recent high-profile collaboration is the latest of 11 such partnerships so far in 2020 – a record year for MaxOne. When questioned on the increasing pace of integrations and partnerships, Mejeur said, “the feedback we’re getting is that companies choose us over competitors or building their own apps because of our leading technology and white labeling capabilities.”

Mejeur further emphasized that these relationships are successful because each company remains focused on its core competencies and key brand identity. “Technology should empower and enable these brands, not be a risky financial endeavor that distracts from the company’s mission and values.”

About CoachUp

CoachUp is a service that connects athletes with private coaches. We believe that private coaching is the secret to reaching the next level in sports + life.

With thousands of coaches across the country, and hundreds of training sessions happening every day, we are the nation’s leading private coaching company. We are also a team of athletes and coaches, including our founders, Jordan Fliegel (basketball) and Arian Radmand (sailing). And we are dedicated to our mission: help kids change the trajectory of their lives through sports.

About MaxOne

MaxOne’s Virtual Coaching Platform (‘VCP’) empowers organizations, trainers, coaches, and athletes with a digital solution to train, connect, and grow together, anywhere. With an increasing list of demands, directors and coaches need to be smarter in the development of their training programs and in the use of their time and resources. MaxOne’s VCP features cutting edge training tools and provides a single hub for all communication, scheduling, coaching, and collaboration. MaxOne is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, and they are proud to comprise a primarily remote team around the globe. 


Grand Rapids, MI

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