Every Team needs a Routine

What is a baseball routine? How do the pros get ready? The most basic routine in baseball is your teams batting practice and infield routine. But how does this help us mentally prepare for a game?

A routine helps set the right mind right before a game or practice. If the batting practice is bad how do you think the game will go? If the tempo is slow and lazy how do you except the game to go? Batting practice needs to be short, crisp and to the point.

An example of the rounds would be 4 rounds of 5.

  • First round starting with opposite field.
  • Second round hitting line drives up the middle of the field.
  • Third round is situational hitting which consists of hit and run, move the runner over, and get a runner in from third. This round will focus on more hand and bat control.
  • Fourth round, hit the ball where it is pitched. As the pitcher, mix inside and outside pitches in with this round especially.

After batting practice, let the players relax and get mentally prepared for what is ahead. This is an important time for the team because it will help them get into the right mindset and as a coach you will be able to talk with them about the game and expectations.

Start implementing these into your game and continue to be successful!