The Art of Coaching Volleyball and MaxOne Partner to Launch Premier Mobile Training App for Coaches and Players

MaxOne on August, 19 2020

The Art of Coaching Volleyball and MaxOne

The Art of Coaching Volleyball (AOC), a leading provider of volleyball coaching resources and instructional clinics, has partnered with MaxOne on a branded integration of the MaxOne Virtual Coaching Platform (‘VCP’) that is now available directly to volleyball coaches and players nationwide.  The AOC VB Team App effectively delivers their expert content through a robust platform featuring on-demand access to virtual tools for communication, scheduling and building customized training programs. 

AOC’s new relationship with MaxOne combines the strengths of two industry-leading organizations to produce the most comprehensive and technologically advanced coaching app in the sport of volleyball. “We can now offer content from top coaches and athletes on a platform that is optimized for communication and engagement,” said Mark Tilson, President of The Art of Coaching. “In turn, coaches can easily schedule practices and manage training programs while sending workouts, drills, and content directly to players – from anywhere.” 

According to MaxOne CEO Jason Mejeur, “from within the app, players can see drill history, receive direct coaching feedback, monitor leaderboard information and chat with other players, helping them connect and grow as a team while training remotely. The app gives athletes meaningful, tangible ways to apply coaching by allowing them to measure their performance and improvement on specific skill sets.” 

“We’ve seen AOC as a great partner for some time, and our recent collaboration was driven by the reality that while volleyball training was traditionally done as a team, individual athlete training is increasingly prevalent,” said Mejeur. “We see this integration as a smart, proactive response to changes affecting all youth sports programs.” 

The AOC VB app has been available since June, 2020, with subscribers growing by 200% each month. An uptick in new users is expected in the fall as club volleyball begins and organizers set budgets and programming schedules.  

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About The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Founded in 2011 by coaches Terry Liskevych, Russ Rose and John Dunning, The Art of Coaching provides coaches with the tools they need to improve their players and teams. AOC offers comprehensive beginner-to-elite coaching education at annual clinics as well as extensive online instruction through coaching videos, certification courses, pre-made practice plans, worksheets and blog articles. For more information, visit www.theartofcoachingvolleyball.com and www.theartofcoachingsoftball.com.

About MaxOne

MaxOne’s Virtual Coaching Platform (‘VCP’) empowers organizations, trainers, coaches, and athletes with a digital solution to train, connect, and grow together, anywhere. With an increasing list of demands, directors and coaches need to be smarter in the development of their training programs and in the use of their time and resources. MaxOne’s VCP features cutting edge training tools, and provides a single hub for all communication, scheduling, coaching and collaboration. MaxOne is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, and they are proud to comprise a primarily remote team around the globe. 



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