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What’s New? February Product Release Notes 2021

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MaxOne on February 3, 2021

MaxOne has rolled out a few new changes within the platform that we are eager to announce. We have made some advancements to the video playback feature, and we’re introducing two new exciting features set to launch in the upcoming month. Stay tuned to learn more about the product enhancements MaxOne is developing to improve customer experience. 

New Releases

Improved Video Playback Experience

The experience for all MaxOne users when watching video’s inside of the platform has been optimized for quicker speeds and better overall viewing quality. The enhancements will also allow the video content that any MaxOne user adds to load quicker for athletes on mobile, improving their experience.

Coming Soon

In the coming months, MaxOne has some exciting new features set to release, including Live Training. Read on to learn what else we’re releasing soon.

Live Training with Zoom and Uplift 

Live training is officially scheduled to launch inside the MaxOne platform in February. Live training events, which users will be able to conduct via an integration with Zoom, can be created, scheduled, and configured using the event or assignment calendar inside the MaxOne platform.

Live training events that coaches have created will show up for athletes in the workouts tab, where a countdown timer will announce the start of the live event. This will be  replaced by a launch button 15 minutes prior to the start of the class, which will take the athletes to the Zoom app where they will join the scheduled live session. 

Expect to see this integration go into effect within the next month. Look for an additional integration regarding Live Training in the MaxOne platform when we launch the MaxOne integration with Uplift later in the month of February as well. Learn more about Uplift, here

Enhanced Director Features

Over the next few months, we’re adding additional features that will help to improve the experience for director and admin level users.

One of those features includes the ability to share content (activities, drill, workouts, etc.) across multiple teams within the same organization, saving time and allowing the director to reach more athletes.

In addition, new features like messaging, calendars, and permissions are also in process of being built. Keep an eye on these types of improvements in coming months.

Ready to try out some of these new features? Login now.

Otherwise, wait to hear from us next month with more improvements to the MaxOne platform! In the meantime, if you have questions please email info@gomaxone.com so a member from our support team can assist you!