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The Five C’s of MaxOne

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The article below appeared on coachfore.org. Coach Chris Fore has 16 years experience as a coach, an experienced AD, and as a long term educator who has a passion for helping coaches organize and manage their programs.  


I’ve been in high school athletics for 16 years as a Football Coach, and 6 years as an Athletic Director. I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of products out there. Like you, I’ve tried many different systems to try to make my life easier.

I can easily say to you, with 100% authenticity, that MaxOne is the best product I’ve seen for coaches and athletic directors. And the great thing is that you can try it for yourself with no obligation for 20 days.

Here are my 5 C’s about MaxOne, and why you should check it out.



Perhaps the best thing about MaxOne is at the heart of its system: being enabled to build customized workouts for your athletes.

We see every day that kids are engaged through technology. MaxOne makes it easy for your program to capitalize on this reality. Simply build your workouts in the platform, and MaxOne delivers them instantly to your athletes’ phones. From there, athletes view and execute the day’s activities, and record their performance. They can even compare their progress with their teammates – promoting competition and self-motivation.

I love that you literally click and point to build the workout. And you can build different workouts for different position groups. For example, I have my running backs doing one customized workout, while my linemen are applying another.

It takes seconds to build customized workouts and live leaderboards. Everything is recorded at all times and at all weights. Plus, players can pull up every single workout they’ve had in your program. Imagine that: being able to see their history from freshman to senior year!

See more about the performance features here.



Personally, I love the Coaches Corner section. It’s a place where coaches learn with their peers. It’s a fantastic communications tool for sharing files (like playbooks and video), uploading practice plans, and much more.

When I would see a great slide at a clinic, I used to take a pic and share it with my coaches via text or email. This method was messy and confusing, sometimes leading to dozens of different text conversations. With MaxOne, simply upload that slide (or article or video or link) right to the Coaches Corner.



Great coaches are great communicators.

While the digital age has simplified communication in many ways, today’s coaches face new hurdles in connecting with their athletes and others throughout their program.

MaxOne simplifies the task of communication by serving as a central hub for your entire program. MaxOne delivers messages through both email and text message – so you can communicate to athletes, parents, and coaches through their usual channels.

This type of functionality is invaluable during the season, but consider the game-changing benefit it provides during the summer months. When face-to-face interaction is at a premium, MaxOne allows you to communicate with your players individually or in groups. With streamlined messaging functionality, you can engage, motivate, and drive improvement in your athletes like never before.

See more about the Communication features here.



There are many calendar apps using phone technology out there for sports programs. MaxOne has a great calendaring feature that is innovative and easy to use.

Organizing and distributing summer schedules can be a monumental task for coaches. MaxOne allows you to easily create your schedule and share it across your entire program, with every person involved. From the principal to the chain gang volunteer!

Parents can sign their kids up for camps and pay registration fees, kids can order home game meals, and so much more. When athletes purchase spirit packs, the app instantly organizes all orders for you. For a small processing fee, all of your program’s transactions are seamlessly handled online – saving you a major headache.

See more about Calendar and Events here.



We know firsthand that schools do not have an unlimited budget. Many school programs can’t afford the latest and greatest tools. Programs like this are usually pretty expensive. In fact, the longer the presentation lasted, the more I saw the cash register dinging! You know how it is, you see this great tool, and get all jacked up to get it, and then see the price.

MaxOne is just $300 for an entire year!

You cannot beat a $300 investment to help your team accomplish all that MaxOne enables. It will save you hundreds of hours of communication and organization – and I mean that. I’ve been there. No more counting money, filling out ASB check deposit slips, recounting how many spirit pack shirts to order.



As a coach, you can:

  • Deliver texts and emails to players and parents from one place
  • Create live schedules that sync to everyone’s personal calendars
  • Deliver daily workouts with videos and tools to track
  • Generate live leaderboards right on your athletes’ phones
  • Manage your camp sign-up process

…and so much more.